The Super Highway

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What is the invention that has made it possible for both entrepreneurs and consumers to benefit without the usual interference by local, regional and national governments? People can use it from the comfort of their homes or from local coffee shops.

Yes, that invention is the super highway or the world-wide web. The evolution of this marvel is rather complex; it involved a number of individuals over a period of time from 1961 to 2008. As I write, there are more improvements in the works, whether to make transportation of information faster or more secure. And, of course, we mustn’t forget WiFi.

We take it for granted most of the time; we use it, as Steve Jobs wanted his products to be used, as basically plug and play; we just point and click.

With the advent of the Super Highway and its many information platforms, entrepreneurs found novel ways to use its potential. It is used as a fund-raising platform for charities, start-ups and movies; artists, authors, and singers use it to raise funds and promote their products.

It is used by companies like Zooniverse to link volunteers to peruse and classify slides hence increasing the speed and efficiency of researchers. The same approach is used in most other fields which involves simple skills and countless samples to classify.

Both Atlas Shrugged Part 3 and the Victoria Mars Movie have been crowdfunded. I hope to crowdfund the second book of my Blueseed Prodigy trilogy.

Last week, I looked at a few entrepreneurs, like Elizabeth O’Brien, who are ensuring that students are getting the educational training they need. One site that I forgot to mention is MOO. They provide the platform to develop and implement EdX courses, many of which are free. And, of course, the Khan Academy which provides free educational courses, forever.

Using the Super Highway, entrepreneurs can get around government laws and regulations, union-dominated footholds, and other barriers to entry. This leaves the possibility for everyone to become an entrepreneur. We will look at a few people who have jumped on the opportunity today.

Remember, this is the free market at work.

Hacking Leviathan is the term used when we circumvent government and its regulations.

An entrepreneur found a way to offer rooms for prices cheaper than hotel rooms. Airbnb offers its service in a large part of the world and its coverage is growing. As you can imagine, hotel cartels aren’t very happy.

Taxis have licenses which they are forced to buy from government to operate their taxis. This drives up the price of transportation considerably. So, enter another entrepreneur with a service called Uber, which offers reasonably priced rides while you are in a city. Of course, city politicians and unions aren’t happy.

According to The Freeman, Government ruined money long ago with its constant inflationary policies. The market has come up with an alternative currency. This could mean death for the euro, the dollar, and other fiat currencies. The currency is called bitcoin.

With this widespread Internet currency, your purchases remain anonymous; all payments are made with military-grade cryptography. The brilliant start-up Blueseed has partnered with Bitcoin.

Why would someone want to use another currency? Imagine the following: in 1970 you put $100 in a box to be opened and used in 2013. The purchasing power of your $100 would be far less today than it was in 1970 because of inflation.

My personal pick is Shire silver by entrepreneur Ron Helwig. Why? Because you have something valuable in your hands whereas with Bitcoin you don’t. In the second book of my trilogy, Blueseed Prodigy, I have to choose another currency. Enough said.

By now, you can probably guess that there are entrepreneurs who are offering products and services in many fields – from arbitration of disputes to health care.

Many doctors are opting out of Obamacare and the third-party payer system. As with the other services that we have seen, you pay them up front and out of your pocket. Get the care you need and go and buy a catastrophic plan if you can. Or, you can become part of a health coverage cooperative.

You like raw milk and aren’t happy with the government banning its sale? Well, there is a link for that.

So, not only is there an App for that but there are also Links for that.

Perhaps governments will learn a lesson and stop creating regulations; we are not stupid; we can choose for ourselves.

I wouldn’t count on it, though.

If they don’t, brilliant entrepreneurs using the Super Highway will find ways to allow us to make the final decision.

3 thoughts on “The Super Highway

  1. Wesley Bruce

    Fascinating, Some of us are active across many of these fields. Once you have a mind set to seek or create such ideas then you find opportunities, linkages and convergence. I am someone who was involved in sea steading when it was just Patri Friedman, a web site and a five man think tank. Before either the Sea Steading Institute or the resulting Blueseed project. I was also working on laminated gold leaf cards, proposing them on Gary North’s site. When Ron Helwig beat me to production it was a load off my shoulders he’s much better organised than me. I’m now one of his ‘team’ though sales in Australia seem to boom without any work from me. I was also involved in a project to create a digital form of L.E.T.S. when that project died 15 years ago some of its people moved over to the crypto-currency forum that went on to form bitcoin.
    The catch is there’s no profit in being on the edge of such projects or seeing that such things are significant early. You need to act. In your case writing a book. It makes me wonder if there are hundreds of other like me that are on the edge of the future but get held back by illness or other things? What could we achieve if all the ‘flies on the wall’ could get things going? What tools are needed to turn those of us that see what’s needed or have solutions banging around in our heads into actors and instigators instead of unpaid observers and ideas men?

  2. Wesley Bruce

    It should also be noted that the bitcoin spike early in the year had more to do with the fact that two gold vendors started accepting bitcoin a day or two before the Cyprus events. Shire silver was one of those vendors.The other ran out of gold fast as a result and that’s when the spike turned. So there is, in my opinion, a linkage between bitcoin and gold. Other gold vendors are on board now and there are plans for a gold and bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). Some of us see gold, shire silver and bitcoin as an integrated system. The integration is informal as is normal in the free market. This linkage stabilises both gold and bitcoin because an arbitrage is possible across them. It also creates a way to trade gold via bitcoin in a way that can’t be double spent. Gold receipts, etc, can be double spent, that’s the origin of fiat currencies. Bitcoin can’t be so if you do a transaction in bitcoin with “gold trading” in the memo field and n of m arbitration then you have a 100% secure gold currency system. Coupled with the crowdfunding provision in bitcoin you have a fully functional gold linked system to do all of economics and all public goods because Assurance Contracts [the key to crowdfunding] was originally invented as an alternative for taxation. There is a little more on my blog about where I see things going.

    1. Frederick Ford Post author

      Hi Wesley,

      Thank you for reading and leaving a message. I apologize for now responding sooner. I usually spend most of my week on social media tasks linked to promoting my book. I do not have the budget nor the connections to promote my book; however, I am counting on my blog and my social media connections to help out.

      I do like your idea as gold and bitcoin as an integrated system. I will definitely check out your blog.

      When I got the idea for my action, thriller novel Blueseed Prodigy, I wrote it thinking that a lot of writers would have the same idea and that someone would beat me to publishing a similar book. I have a trilogy planned and in book 2 there is a need for a new monetary system (can’t say anymore), so I have also been looking into other possibilities.

      I have to get back to writing this week’s blog post. I am on a week end visit for my niece’s first birthday, so I am writing on my laptop.

      If you are on LinkedIn, I invite you to connect with me.

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